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Alkaline Nutrition Guide


Your Guide To Going Alkaline! 

We have put together a guide comprising important guidelines and a full spectrum of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains, and herbal teas and more that you can use to go alkaline. These are NOT your run-of-the-mill GMO or Hybrid foods, instead, these food items have been carefully selected to give you a completely natural and healthy experience – one that isn’t altered before it makes to the shelves.

We fully understand that two days into the diet, you panic and start realizing you don’t have many food options. This nutrition guide will come in really handy as it features loads of food items you can easily find on most food shelves at your local store. The guide is centered on non-animal protein sources, and gives you plenty of options for every day of the week.

Start slow, add a few items here and there, let your body adjust and then make the move. Our guide is here to save you from radical diet plans promoted online that do more harm than good.

With so many food options to explore, we’re sure this is the ONLY alkaline nutrition guide you’ll ever need.

Can be downloaded for FREE in English & Spanish. Keep it in your phone, so you never run out of healthier options.

Want a printed version? Get one free with every order of our Sea Moss +. 

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